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Experience an all-natural mental edge. By combining the most researched nootropics, No Stranger Coffee delivers a health & wellness experience unlike any other. A caffeinated boost of brain & immune support to fuel your creativity, help you focus, and feel great inside and out.

Subscription Perks

Delivered to you every 30 days.
The best savings for our Heroic blend.
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  • Don't be a Stranger

    We believe in the power of mushrooms. So we designed a way to deliver all of their benefits without compromising taste. That's what started our quest to create a Mushroom Coffee that is both delicious and healthy... the right ingredient for anyone. So don't be a stranger, enjoy your morning with No Stranger.

  • Choose No Stranger

    We created No Stranger Coffee for when you need more from your coffee than just a jolt of energy. We want you awake and alert, but also soundly relaxed. Ready to take on whatever the day throws at you but also ready to take a nap in the sun if it makes you happy. Lion's Mane, Reishi, and L-Theanine means this coffee isn't your average brew, but instead universally delicious and nutritionally powerful.